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Grade 1 50 Cal Ammo Can

Grade 1 50 Cal Ammo Can

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US Military Surplus M2A1 Ammo Can. Grade 1. The M2A1 can is known as a 50 cal but may have stencils of other types of Ammo including but not limited to, 5.56, .45 cal, 9mm, Flare, and Fuses. The .50cal Ammo Can is perfect for carrying! Use this ammo can as a dry box for a secure waterproof storage container. The U.S. Military use these boxes for storing ammo. Every box contains a waterproof rubber seal for keeping the water out. The .50 caliber ammo can and will hold 800 rounds of 2.23 or 5.56 ammo or 7.62 ammo. Great for storing tools or any other items you may want to keep out of the weather elements!

 • Multiple storage uses

• Product Dimensions: (Length) 11 inches x (Width) 5.5 inches x (Height) 7 inches.

• Ammunition Box Material: Carbon steel SUS304, Aluminum 5052. Made in the USA. Genuine Military issued ammo cans.

GRADE 1 cans might show light wear and tear.
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